My brand story began 10 years ago when I built an online niche business called WorkCabin that leapfrogged the competition to become the biggest service of its kind in Canada. Today, that expertise is channeled into my other business, WorkCabin Creative, an agency founded in 2010 and based in southwestern ON. I help clients grow trusted brands, build wildly effective communication strategies, & create unforgettable experiences. I can say that with confidence because I've been there and done it with my own startup 10 years ago. And I've helped organizations and businesses do it too. Over and over again through WorkCabin Creative since 2010.
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Top guest speakers about rural social media strategies

How to be more human on social media

I am always preaching to clients: Stop looking so slick on social media that you look fake.What I'm really trying to say is sometimes slick looks too slick, if you know what I mean....

Social media isn’t a costume party. Be YOU

What’s the greatest single piece of advice for anyone using social media? Be yourself. That’s right. Nothing fancy shmancy about that. It’s straightforward.

Too often, people on social media try to create  an online persona that isn’t real. In other words, they come to social media treating it as a costume party. The problem with this approach is that it will all eventually come crashing down. You will be revealed. And not in a good way.

Ontario farm uses Twitter to build relationships, educate consumers

I was asked a great question recently by someone who hadn’t jumped into the social media world of Twitter. Here’s the question: “What do I tweet about?” My answer was simple: “Tweet about what you’re doing at work.” This elicited a humorous response — “People don’t want to know what I do!” — but the point was understood.

If you’re part of an organization and you want to connect with the public and build a relationship, the public needs to understand what you do. We’re not talking about tweeting about having a coffee at Starbucks. Think in terms of the three keys to building your social media character that will, in turn, encourage interaction and relationship-building:

Gregg McLachlan profiled by Donovan Group

TORONTO, Ontario (November 1, 2010) – Donovan Group Inc. (DGI), a multimedia communications company, released the third installment of its “Tweep in Profileaudio podcast highlighting members of the Twitter Community.   This month, DGI profiles Gregg McLachlan – @WorkCabin – founder of WorkCabin.ca, known as Canada’s environmental job site, and a senior communications consultant with WorkCabin Communications.

Facebook advice for nonprofits: Manage, manage, manage

A nonprofit client, interested in jumping into social media, is hesitant about using Facebook. The reason for the fear is not misdirected. This nonprofit has seen how a Facebook page can be useful at first, but take a turn for the worse.

What started as a useful ‘support-the-nonprofit’ Facebook page, with many people ‘liking’ the cause, was soon hijacked by people with opposing views. The end result was overwhelming. It became a slamfest against the nonprofit. (I should point out that the Facebook page itself was not started by the nonprofit, but rather by well-intentioned community supporters.)