My brand story began 10 years ago when I built an online niche business called WorkCabin that leapfrogged the competition to become the biggest service of its kind in Canada. Today, that expertise is channeled into my other business, WorkCabin Creative, an agency founded in 2010 and based in southwestern ON. I help clients grow trusted brands, build wildly effective communication strategies, & create unforgettable experiences. I can say that with confidence because I've been there and done it with my own startup 10 years ago. And I've helped organizations and businesses do it too. Over and over again through WorkCabin Creative since 2010.
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4 steps to take before a reporter calls you

telephoneEvery organization and business needs a plan to handle media phone calls. These are the procedures you have in place to ensure only the appropriate people are commenting, and that such discussions are controlled at your end to the best extent possible, not vice versa.

Media can put your organization before a large audience. You want to handle such opportunities efficiently and professionally.
Here are four key points:

10 things to never say to a reporter

After two decades in the media business, I’ve heard organizations, nonprofits and businesses ask many questions or make comments that irk reporters. For this list, I’ve omitted the ridiculous, “Oh, our event starts in five minutes, can you come out and cover it?” Um, no. But have no fear, there are many, many other gems that keep popping up.

Here are 10 things to avoid saying to reporters (who, by the way, are 10 times more stressed by workload and staff cuts, and don’t need you adding to the aggravation). Good media relations starts with knowing what to say, and what NOT to say.