My brand story began 10 years ago when I built an online niche business called WorkCabin that leapfrogged the competition to become the biggest service of its kind in Canada. Today, that expertise is channeled into my other business, WorkCabin Creative, an agency founded in 2010 and based in southwestern ON. I help clients grow trusted brands, build wildly effective communication strategies, & create unforgettable experiences. I can say that with confidence because I've been there and done it with my own startup 10 years ago. And I've helped organizations and businesses do it too. Over and over again through WorkCabin Creative since 2010.
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5 ways to tick off a reporter right from the get-go

What not to say to a reporterPlanning to telephone a reporter? Here are 5 opening lines to avoid (unless your plan is to be like a pit bull from the beginning!):

1. It must’ve been a slow news day! This one really raises the hairs on any reporter’s neck. There are very few “slow” news days. Most reporters or editors put potential stories through a vigorous analysis before they are tackled. If anything, dramatic staff cutbacks are seriously impacting how much a newsroom can cover on any one day.

Media relations: How to reduce having words put in your mouth

media relationsHave you ever read a story after being interviewed and thought, “Hey, I never meant that!” Or, “that reporter put words in my mouth!” One of the biggest sources of corrections and/or clarifications by media comes as a result of sloppy reporting via paraphrasing.  This is often where people feel their thoughts have been inaccurately reported. Reporters create paraphrasing after reviewing their notes, and by recalling conversations with you at the time.

Media relations: Slam a reporter at your own peril

What happens when you get angry at the mediaLashing out publicly at a reporter or media outlet is something that happens every day. Politicians do it. Organization leaders do it. Business people do it. Sports team officials do it. And it gets them nowhere. You will lose.

Reporters go about their work believing in their mission: to report for the public’s right to know. Sometimes, for example, politicians don’t agree with a story. Most times, reporters have an inkling about whom will not be happy about a particular news story. But it’s not going to change how a professional journalist reports on an event or story.