My brand story began 10 years ago when I built an online niche business called WorkCabin that leapfrogged the competition to become the biggest service of its kind in Canada. Today, that expertise is channeled into my other business, WorkCabin Creative, an agency founded in 2010 and based in southwestern ON. I help clients grow trusted brands, build wildly effective communication strategies, & create unforgettable experiences. I can say that with confidence because I've been there and done it with my own startup 10 years ago. And I've helped organizations and businesses do it too. Over and over again through WorkCabin Creative since 2010.
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Five ways to deliver better e-newsletters

OK, you’ve compiled a mailing list of opt-in subscribers. So now what? Having a list is only one small step. Without the proper implementation, your e-newsletter or bulletin may never reach people on your list.

This is such an important factor in email marketing. Too many organizations or businesses claim to have X number of ‘people’ on a subscriber list, however, they are unable to: a) confirm exactly how many actual emails ever reach their intended destination on a weekly or monthly basis; b) how many email addresses are legit and active because there is zilch tracking/purging of bogus spammer addresses that routinely crowd email lists. (Note: If you have a subscriber confirmation system configured whereby subscribers have to respond to an email before they are confirmed, this can significantly help reduce spam addresses from invading your list.)

Got e-loyalty? Maybe not. Three issues to consider

E-loyalty is the holy grail of doing business on the web. Some businesses and organizations do it well. Others stumble.

The goal of e-loyalty is getting customers to return to your website over and over again. But it has to be about more than visits. You want customers to do business with you too. That means paying for a service, making a purchase or choosing to donate. The great part about e-loyalty is that it’s a level playing field ~ anyone can compete. Don’t think you’re too small. In fact, small can be a big selling point for e-loyalty. Answer this question: Whom do you have a better personal relationship with: a) the giant big box retailer; or b) the person who operates a small fruit and veggie business?

Why Twitter is better than email

Email or Twitter? What’s better for marketing, communications and building awareness of a brand or cause? I’ve come across, and read many discussions about this topic. One comment I recently read by a published author suggested using social media such as Twitter is futile. Why? Because the belief, the author writes, is that you’re tweeting to people who have no influence within an organization, and therefore cannot make decisions that will affect your bottomline.

What message is your email signature sending?

How many emails do you send in a day? How many emails do you reply to in a day? Your answer is probably dozens. Followed by dozens more. Now, think of the lost opportunities for marketing yourself. If you’ve just had a Doh! moment, you’re in good company. Email signatures remain one of the easiest yet most overlooked marketing opportunities for job seekers and professionals.

Don’t think you need an email signature? How often do emails get forwarded? Here’s one huge fact we all know: emails are circulated. It’s another reason to make sure your signature is there and goes along with every press of someone’s send button.