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How to be more human on social media

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How to be more human on social media

I am always preaching to clients: Stop looking so slick on social media that you look fake.

What I’m really trying to say is sometimes slick looks too slick, if you know what I mean. It looks staged. It looks robotic and formula based. Your business isn’t like a brochure every day. Yet so many accounts look exactly like that. The brand looks stiff and polished. Way too polished. Eventually, trying to always appear over-the-top professional will look boring on social media. You have to be real on social media too. That means letting people into your world to see the real side of your business. Today we call that being genuine and authentic.

How do you do this?

Selfies. Spur of the moment videos and photos. Behind the scenes. Humour. These are just a few ideas. Your smartphone can be an instant content creation machine. Just start using it, without trying to position everything and everybody perfectly every time for the flawless perfect photos. Humans have flaws. It’s OK!

Do a communications audit of your past posts on social media. Do they all sound like corporate babblespeak? After a while, that approach begins to transform into blah blah blah blah.

Being human is what keeps your fans coming back. Why? Because they know they’re forming a relationship with a human and not a human disguised as a corporate brochure.

You can’t measure your authenticity or see it on a dashboard (at least not yet, with analytics!) but your audience sees it and forms an opinion about your authenticity. That’s a street-level metric that matters today. It’s the cornerstone of converting an audience to be fans, customers and champions. Why? Because authenticity builds trust. You’ll know you’re doing it right by how people interact with you in the community.

Here are three tips to help you be more human:

Stop using scheduling tools all the time. Sure, they make life easier, but they reduce your in-the-moment use of social media. Scheduling overkill results in premeditated routine. Yech. Real-time is always the best, as regular as you can manage doing that.

Stop with the formula responses. Way too many businesses and organizations (and people!) respond to comments and praise with the same template reply “Thank you for your comment” or “Much appreciated.” Boring. I’ve seen long strings of customers’ comments on some pages get the exact same reply. After seeing a company respond this same way to dozens of comments, guess what? It looks insincere. Really insincere. Actually it looks awful. And it looks like a canned response. Is that how you thank people in real life? No! Be real.

Stop writing like a logo. You are not a corporate logo (even if your avatar is!). You are a human. Write like one. Be conversational. Make it obvious to the audience that a human is engaging and writing posts.

Stop using tools like Canva and Adobe Spark all the time. Yes, graphics look cool (at least to you!) but they are not what we mean by being visual on social media. Audiences crave photos and videos. These are how to create a real sense of who you are, what you do, what you love, etc. Graphics are, well, graphics. Ugh.


Need to take your social media to a whole new level? Let’s talk today. Email me gregg@workcabincreative. I’ve been there and done it for businesses and organizations over and over again.

By Gregg McLachlan
WorkCabin Creative

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