My brand story began 10 years ago when I built an online niche business called WorkCabin that leapfrogged the competition to become the biggest service of its kind in Canada. Today, that expertise is channeled into my other business, WorkCabin Creative, an agency founded in 2010 and based in southwestern ON. I help clients grow trusted brands, build wildly effective communication strategies, & create unforgettable experiences. I can say that with confidence because I've been there and done it with my own startup 10 years ago. And I've helped organizations and businesses do it too. Over and over again through WorkCabin Creative since 2010.
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You need someone who doesn't just talk big.
You need someone who has done big. Over and over again.
Meet Gregg.
Stop calling it marketing. Today it's about telling stories and building relationships.
Building relationships is what it's 100% about today. I work with clients who get this, and want this. I inspire you to think and do big. I've been a guest speaker for economic development conferences, tourism summits, government conferences, annual general meetings, and way more. I've revitalized the marketing of small-town businesses, trained local, provincewide and national organizations, managed large-scale provincewide social media campaigns, and even a high-profile social media campaign based in downtown Toronto.

Gregg McLachlan

The Craftsman

I live in the woods and I work far beyond. WorkCabin Creative is my business. It was born out of my success 10 years ago building an online startup business that quickly grew to become the largest service of its kind in Canada. That success spurred me to launch WorkCabin Creative. I coach, guide, rethink and strategize to help others grow success. Clients work directly with me. They don't get passed off to junior account reps (because there are no reps). I call it WorkCabin Creative because I'm hands-on. That's the only way I do business.


Office Mascot

OK, she doesn't actually work with clients (unless you have a dogsled, or a milkbone). But she's a great sounding board for our creative craftsman. Which means she usually responds with a ``woo woo!`` Oh, and she has lots of fans on social media too! But that's another story

Your brand is too unique to be lost in the sea of cookie-cutter marketing that clutters the landscape.